Recording Business Income

With EasyAs Accounting we make it simple and easy to enter your income in a logical sequence to enable you to keep a record of all your business profits in a flash.

EasyAs removes the fuss out of the equation and enables you to perform this task without stress, making it simply the most exciting bookkeeping and accounting software program on the market.

In our changing world many users of small business software programs are in fact home businesses. Whilst we may not all work from home, many of us return to our houses to find ourselves stuck in front the the computer doing accounts.

Every entry you make into EasyAs consists of the same easy to follow process, which follows a logical sequence of recording. Not only have we applied this simple process to the income screen, but we have also applied the same process to the expenses section of the software.


Market Leaders

We have taken a basic approach to accounting. By replicating what many businesses would do on paper and taking that to the computer screen.

This is why many simply say that easyas accounting is the future, as we have taken the simplistic approach of yesterday and combined it with the analytic power of the pc, without adding all the useless rubbish which many small businesses just don't want.


Below is an example of the income screen and a sample report.

Please Note:

If you are from a country that attaches 2 forms of Goods and Services Tax on Income, then your income screen will have an extra column for recording of this (not shown below)

Such as those clients from Canada


Sample View of Income Screen - simple and easy to use and understand


Sample of a printout of your income entries:

Sample of and Income Report


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