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EasyAs is the number one best small business accounting software for your small business in these economic times.

However to be honest there is no way that any software on today’s market can claim that their software is the best small business accounting software, as its just not possible to create one program to suit all business circumstances. We maintain ours is the best simply because it has been created by small business for small business.

But in reality the best accounting program for you is almost always going to be the one that suits you and your individual business needs.

Which is why we offer our software on a 30 Day Trial, so that you have the opportunity to see for yourself if this is the best small business accounting software for you and your business.


Thousands running away from Corporate Software

“Around 75% of all of our new clients are individuals like you whom last week stopped using big business software”


This brings up another interesting topic:

If you have a work college that uses a particular accounting program for his or her business it still may not mean that its going to suit your business. Even though they might be working in the same industry as you. This is because we all have different expectations, a different understanding of accounting, and when we get down to the nitty gritty we will find that all of our businesses are all different in some way. So the best small business accounting software for you and your business may not be the one your friend is using..

This also goes hand in hand with your accountant.. Just because they might use an alternative product and would like you to use the same to make their life easier, it still might not be the best accounting software for you..

This is why we always suggest that you download and trial at least 3 accounting programs before settling on just one. Whilst we maintain that EasyAs is the Best Small Business Accounting Software in the market today, we also know that its not going to suite everyone, which is why you must take you time and test out at least 2 or 3 programs before settling on just one.


A very interesting point

Before the age of computers bookkeeping was almost always completed from a shoe box full of receipts.

If we fast forward to today we see that more and more small business owners are finding themselves stuck in front of their computers spending hours on the same tasks that use to take minutes by small businesses of yesterday.


During the industrial days of big business it was deemed that they had the right idea as they were thriving and creating jobs. So it was natural to expect that they had all the answers when it came to accounting for income. This is where a lot of the accounting programs were born.


We know that Big Business is getting it wrong

It seems that almost every other day there is some news of a corporate giant in some sort of difficulty, its become so natural that many of us don’t even blink an eye any more.

To me it seems that Big Business has almost become today’s dinosaur, and Small Business is fast becoming the new business for tomorrow. Almost every government around the globe is now looking towards mums and dads to help bring their countries back into the green. Small Business has been the back bone of almost every country around the globe for hundreds of years.


Birth of New Accounting Software

EasyAs is not alone with the push for a new attitude to accounting. There are many other great programs on the market which exist with the focus of providing a new software for a new generation.

Today more than ever the old bulky corporate software programs which have dominated the last 30 years are being turned down by many small businesses on a world wide scale.


We believe that most of these bulky programs were written for one purpose in mind, to generate profit, there seemed to be no intention in providing something useable for the small business user and owner.


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“Is EasyAs the Best Small Business Accounting Software for your business, why not see for yourself and grab a copy today”

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EasyAs is the Best Small Business Accounting Software


* Please Note: We make no assumptions about any other program on the market, nor do we direct our remarks to any particular corporate organization or any particular accounting program in the current market place.. The information above comes from our discussions and testimonial feedback we have received from our clients, and from our own personal observations and beliefs…

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