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EasyAs is now the most futuristic and simple accounting software available on the planet today. There is NO OTHER accounting software that even comes close to providing small business with a simple easy to use formula for bookkeeping – but don’t believe us take a look at what our users are saying


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What Happens During and After My Purchase

For information on what happens after purchase and how to locate your serial number please click the link below:

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BMTMicro is under contract with EasyAsSoftware.com to process online orders and collect payments for EasyAs Accounting Software.  If you have any content-related or technical questions about EasyAs Accounting Software or purchasing issues then please contact us directly at: info@ easyasaccountingsoftware.com

Additional Purchase Information:

Your serial number is automatically issued by BMTMicro as soon as your transaction is finalized.
BMTMicro are one of the worlds leaders in software distribution and merchant services, and because of this they have many payment methods available.
Payment by Credit Card or PayPal is always the fastest means of funds clearing. From our experience this usually happens either instantly or within minutes of the transaction being confirmed. This means you should have your confirmation email containing the link to your serial number usually within minutes of purchasing.
Other methods such as bank transfer, check deposit, wire transfer will take longer for settlement. These settlement periods obviously differ and could be 2-5 working days. If you find yourself needing to use any of these methods then you should allow yourself enough time before the trial period expires, as your serial number cannot be issued until the funds clear through the merchant..

** Refund Policy – Please Note that due to the nature of this purchase it is not possible to offer refunds as the Full Program was made available on a 30 Day Trial. However hopefully you should only be purchasing this software once you have tested the program for a period of time to ensure that it is exactly what you need for you and your business. We know that there is no possible way any software distributor could produce a single program to suit every business circumstance, which is why we offer you the full program on a 30 Day Trial to give you the opportunity to try before you buy: Please click here for information about the Trial Period

** Update Policy – Free updates for Version 8 of EasyAs. You will receive free updates for life from time of purchase for this current version of EasyAs.. Thus there are no additional yearly fees for the current version, you pay one time at time of purchase.

Please take the time to read the information about our update program on the update information page: Additional Update Information

** Delivery Policy – Please be aware that the EasyAs Program is sold as downloadable software, you WILL NOT receive a copy of the software on disk. You should download and save a copy of the program for future use in a safe location on your hard drive or external device.