Contractor Accounting Software

EasyAs has been designed to especially to suit the Contractor, Subcontractor and Small Business Market.

It is now know as the most simplistic Contractor Accounting Software currently available, and is being picked up by Small Businesses from around the globe.

To date EasyAs is being used in over 25 countries as the preferred subcontractor and contractor accounting software program. The success of the software can only be attributed to the fact that for over a decade the software has remained solely in the hands of small business. EasyAs is currently owned by a group of small businesses that originally developed the software for the small business market, which included developing the software for the contractor and subcontractor.

The Contractor is attracted to our software simply due to our “One Click” simplistic approach to bookkeeping.


Wasting my time

No Contractor or Small Business Owner wants to waste their evenings on bookkeeping tasks?

Contractor Accounting Software needs to be simple and easy to use to allow anyone from any walk of life the ability to manage their accounts, even with no prior accounting knowledge.

This is why Contractors, Subcontractors and Small Businesses Worldwide from are jumping ship, they are getting away from traditional double entry accounting systems and looking for a more simplistic approach in bookkeeping.

EasyAs uses a single entry approach to bookkeeping which makes it ideal for Contractors and Small Business. We knew early on that to become the most respected contractor accounting software on the market it also needed to be one of the simplest and easiest programs on the market.

Yes you could say that all of this is just one big sales pitch, you could be right, and yes we could be lying to you, but if its all true, then you don’t want to miss out on accounting pleasure. You are Free to download and test drive the software for 30 Days so why not give it a go, and while you are at it why not take a look at some of the many testimonials we are receiving worldwide


Painful Contractor Accounting Software

If your existing bookkeeping and accounting software requires you to be an accounting specialist just to make a few entries then something is wrong.

Most individuals waste many hours each and every day simply because the software they are using is trying to be cute by letting you know that it knows more about accounting then you do…

If your accounting software is so hard and so difficult to use, Ask yourself “how many hours are you wasting per month

You could be using all that wasted time doing something to produce more income, you could be promoting yourself and your services, or maybe even having a beer with your mates or spending some well deserved rest with the family.

Download and Trial the worlds simplest Contractor Accounting Software for a Free 30 Days and see for yourself if it lives up to its name as being “EasyAs”