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EasyAs has been Developed for Small Businesses Like Yours

EasyAs has been developed to solve the problems affecting the average Small Business, Building Contractor, Home Business, General Contractor and any Small Business Entrepreneur.

Because EasyAs has been developed using a simplistic approach to bookkeeping it has now become one of the most successful programs around the globe, with sales in over 28 countries across almost every industry.

Up until now most of the accounting programs which have dominated the accounting landscape for the last 30 years were created using double entry accounting methods which have been in use for well over 100 years. However today it would seem that these types of double entry systems are no longer working in today’s fast paced world…

We can see the effects of this at almost every corner with so many large businesses and corporations taking a dive and hitting the sand pit. Most of these businesses started life with double entry accounting systems and they all continued to use them until the very end. We figure that these types of accounting systems must not be working in today’s fast paced world; else if they were they should have shown way ahead of time that problems were coming their way. Of course we cannot completely lay blame on the accounting software, but we believe that there has to be a better way.

So at EasyAs we threw away the accounting books and came up with the worlds simplest and fastest growing accounting software of the decade. Take it from me I am not just saying this to make a sale, in fact it’s our uses that are saying this: see their testimonials in their own words. See how they have all thrown away existing double entry accounting systems and in the process end up gaining peace of mind and confidence with bookkeeping.

But don’t believe anything we tell you, Download our Accounting Software on a Free 30 Day Trial and see for yourself how simple and easy bookkeeping can be.

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PC Requirements

Operating Systems: Windows Operating Systems
Min Requirements: Min 1024 x 768 Screen Fonts
Mac Computers

EasyAs was first created in the windows environment and has continued to remain as such.

However, we now have many clients who have switched to the Mac and are now using the EasyAs Software on their Mac

Naturally to run EasyAs on the Mac you will need to also have windows installed.. There are different ways in which windows can be setup on the mac

Running windows on a Mac can be done by setting up an alternative boot, this will allow you to either boot to windows or boot to a mac environment when you turn the machine on.. However the down side of this is that you can only run one system at one time, which means that if you were using the mac and wanted to run windows you would have to exist and close down and reboot the system into windows, and visa version. This method of booting from our point of view is not really useful.

The other method is to install a program that will allow you to run both operating systems at the same time.. We believe the installing of a separate program to allow you to run both operating systems at the same time is the best way to go. This means that you can run your Mac as usual and at any time you can also open a separate window into the windows environment to run any windows based programs…

The software we use and recommend is : VMWare Fusion.

We are unable to offer any support for setting up your Mac so we suggest that you seek advice before moving forward. You will find that VMWare do offer support and information on their website, but those new to the Mac System may need to contact other Mac Users or a Mac Dealer to provide extra assistance before jumping in.