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We at EasyAs pride ourselves on efficiency and always try to respond to any help request within the shortest possible period.  We have been providing additional support via email for well over 10 years so we have this down to a fine art.

But obviously we are unable to man the email server 24hrs a day, however as our software requires very little support due to us offering comprehensive online support via our help section and our massive array of online videos we also rarely receive help requests so we can usually respond within hours of receiving an email.

However as we are dealing with a lot of international customers and various time zones around the globe it may be that on occasion our response could take up to 48hours to appear in your inbox as sometimes we could be sleeping when your awake (so this adds additional delay), and weekends or holiday periods can also sometimes delay our responses.

See our client testimonial page for some of the client feedback we have received as a direct response to our email support program.

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Problems with Gmail Email Accounts

If you are using gmail please be aware that google have been performing rapid changes with their gmail system.. And it seems that because of this some of our clients have noticed that some of our emails may not be found in your inbox.

If you are waiting for a response from us and you have not received a response within a couple of days, then please check your junk folder and/or other folders before getting back to us a 2nd time, as we always respond to all email inquiries.

We ask that you double check those gmail folders as the last thing you want to discover is that you had in fact received a response from us.  This could possibly save you time, and maybe even a little frustration, anger, pissoffness and every other emotion you can throw at us….




We are very serious about your privacy and will only use your personal information in connection with the EasyAs Software.

This means that we do not sell, give away or use your information for anything other than directly connected with EasyAs.

When you purchase a product from us we keep your details safe and secure and will usually only contact you as a direct response to a help request or when issuing updates or other notifications related to EasyAs

Please see our privacy page from more information