Updating your Existing Version ofEasyAs Accounting Logo EasyAs

DO NOT download and install the full version again… Do Not download and install a copy of the complete program if you already have easyas installed on your pc as you run the risk of losing all your data.. To update your current version ONLY download the updates found on this page…


Update EasyAs to the Latest Version

For obvious reasons we always suggest that you perform a backup of your data files before applying any EasyAs Updates. If you are not sure how to backup your data files please look at this section: EasyAs Data Backups


Updating EasyAs is Simple and Easy:

If you missed installing any of the previous updates don’t worry as this update includes all previous updates, just download and install this update and you will have the latest version of EasyAs..


Update EasyAs TodayDownload Latest Update


Latest Update is Version 81109

Released 20 Oct 2019


When you click on the above link your pc will begin to download the Update File, it is important that you remember where you download and saved this file, as you will need to locate this file after the download has been completed…

To install the update: Simply locate the file you just downloaded.. Use your mouse and double click on the file (usually using your left mouse button) this will activate the file and the update will commence. Simply follow the prompts.

If you are not sure how to update your software then please watch this small video as it will explain this simple process…. Update Video

Why do we issue updates ?

The only time we at EasyAs issue updates is for software enhancements or for bug fixes


Cost of Subscription

We currently do not charge for updates for Version 8 of EasyAs, updates are available free of charge with your purchase.

Update History: EasyAs has been in continued development sense 2001, and during this time from Version 1 to Version 8 we have never charged our clients for updates. We have made all versions available to all existing clients free of charge.

With the release of Version 81000 we have now also decided to provide all updates for this version free of charges.. Thus you pay one time when you purchase the software and receive all future updates for this version for free, with no yearly subscription charges.

More information about the updates provided by EasyAs: subscriptions page