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If it wasn’t for the Tax Man there is no way that I or most of my friends would go anywhere near accounting.

But the problem is we are stuck with it, there seems no way to avoid it… So if accounting is unavoidable it might as well be half enjoyable, which is why we need simple accounting software..


Great Easy AccountingIf you must then it must be Simple

There is no way getting around the Taxman, for these days he seems to have his claws into every area of our business life.

Years ago the creators of EasyAs were also looking for simple accounting software to help manage their own small businesses, but they discovered that none existed. So they eventually decided to create a very simple system to help make their own lives a little easier.

This is how EasyAs was born…

This small group of independent businesses eventually created a piece of software that was used solely for their own needs. But eventually over time they passed out copies to other small businesses who were also looking around for simple accounting software..

As time went by the software received a following and after several years of research the software was launched onto the market an independent accounting product.

Today the success of EasyAs has grown and is being used around the globe in over 25 countries across almost every industry imagined. It is being toasted as one of the best and Simple Accounting Software Programs in the marketplace.

The creators of the software believe its success is due to its simplicity and the fact that it answers four simple questions; which are listed below.


What Four Things Do Most Of Us Want From Simple Accounting Software?

1. The software has to be Easy To Use

2. No Previous Accounting Experience Needed

3. The Software must be able to Save Time

4. It must provide you with the basic tools that most Small Businesses want

EasyAs Accounting Solves All 4 Points