Updates: Your EasyAs Subscription

If you found your way to this page but your are actually looking for the latest update for easyas then please return to this page to download the update

Please Note:

The latest Version of EasyAs (Version 8) is now also being provided free of any subscriptions fees or updates fees.

Sense the launch of EasyAs we have been able to provide all Versions from Version 1 to Version 7 with Free Access to all updates and all versions. It has now been decided to also provide all updates for Version 8 Free of any charges.

This means that anyone purchasing the software today will be able to receive any future updates for this version free of charges.

Annual Update Fees

As of June 2013 it was decided to continue to provide Easyas free of any update fees.

But please read the rest of this page as all your immediate questions will be answered.

Do I Need Updates

NO.. Essentially the answer to this question is NO.

As we enhance the program and bring out new releases for the software we provide these as an update. However if you are using the software and you find that it is perfect for your business the way it is, then you do not need to apply any of the updates if you don’t want them.

Will My Software Stop Working If I Don’t Update

NO.. Your EasyAs Software WILL NOT suddenly stop working because you did not apply any of the new updates.

We know that some of our competitors programs instantly shut down if you do not pay the yearly update fees, or install the updates.. They force you to stay locked into the update program by forcing your program to stop working if you don’t subscribe..

At EasyAs we do not do this, you purchase the program and if it is exactly what you want at time of purchase then you can keep using that version for life. As mentioned above we decided in June 2013 to also provide all updates for the current version (Version 8) free of any charges.

Are There Any Potential Hazards By Not Updating

The new software “Version 8” was released in July 2011, we anticipate that over the first 6 months all bugs will be ironed out and from this point on future updates will be for software enhancements.

Unless a bug is found in future updates that could effect your data then this may require that you update your software. However you would normally receive an email for this..

However as updating is painless, it is always to your advantage to download and apply the latest update as you paid for the software so you might as well be using the latest version of the software.

Why Would We Bother With Enhancements ?

We agree that 1+1 will always equal 2, so why should we suddenly need to update the software. Because if Income minus Expenses equals Gross Profit then how is this ever going to change.. 1+1 equals 2 it cannot suddenly equal 3..

This is a very good point and we perfectly understand this thinking as we have the same view. At EasyAs we have NO intention of updating the software for the sake of it. In fact we hope to eventually reach a time and place where we never make any more adjustments to the program.

The reason why our client base is growing daily is because we don’t provide a whole bunch of useless features in the software that force users to jump through hundreds of hoops just to enter a simple entry.

So with the above in mind we have no intention of doing the same thing that some of our corporate competitors are doing. We have no intention of updating and updating and putting in useless features, and updating some more..

We would rather put our attention to other markets and create other software (which is what we are doing)..

Be aware that almost 90% of enhancements made to EasyAs over the recent 5 years has come from client requests. When we get several clients requesting similar functions then we see if it is something that can benefit the whole without making it an extra hoop for those customers who don’t need to use it. So because of this all our enhancements are always useful.

It is hoped that we will get to a point in time when we never have a need to provide updates as this would mean that we have successfully developed the most user friendly small business accounting program on the market.

We already have sales in 26 countries worldwide and this only happened because our software is the simplest and most versatile program on the market, and we want to keep it that way.

Future Policy Changes Regarding Fees and Subscriptions

Please be aware that our policies regarding yearly updates and fees may change with the release of future versions of the software; simply due to costs involved..

But at this time Version 9 is currently not being developed or being talked about, as Version 8 is seen as the last in the series, and at this time we are still creating and developing Version 8.

Note: If another version should ever be created you will never be forced to change to this newer version of EasyAs. We will never force anyone to have to change from the current version (Version 8) to any new version of the software, so you can continue to use the current version for the rest of your business life without any further cost.